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116948 Bids For Vader ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS CITY OF VADER VADER, WASHINGTON WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IMPROVEMENTS General Notice The City of Vader (Owner) is requesting Bids for the construction of the following Project: Vader Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project No. 3102-004 Sealed bids for the construction of the Project will be received in-person at the City of Vader City Hall located at 317 8th Street; Vader, WA 98593 or by mail at PO Box 189; Vader, WA 98593, until Friday, February 19, 2021 at 1:00 PM local time. At that time, the Bids received will be publicly opened and read. Bids received after this time will not be accepted. Bids will be received by Dianne Floyd, City Clerk/Treasurer. The improvements to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant includes the following Work: 1. Constructing a new headworks screening facility, 2. Removing and disposing of accumulated wastewater sludge in the wastewater lagoons, 3. Reconstructing and relining of wastewater lagoons including the procurement and installation of wastewater aeration equipment, 4. Constructing a new concrete disinfection tank and equipment building and the procurement and installation of chlorination and dechlorination equipment, 5. Constructing a new laboratory building, 6. Installing wastewater, potable water, and stormwater piping, and 7. Site grading and paving. Owner anticipates that the Project's bid price will be approximately $3,300,000 (plus tax). The Project has an expected duration of 365 days. Availability of Bidding Documents Information and Bidding Documents for the Project can be found at the following designated website: Bidding Documents may be viewed at no cost from the designated website. Please refer to eBid Project #7494577. Documents may be downloaded for $20.00. Prospective Bidders are urged to register with the designated website as a plan holder, even if Bidding Documents are obtained from a plan room or source other than the designated website in either electronic or paper format. The designated website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, reports, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Bidding Documents will be offered only through the designated website. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for Bidding Documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the designated website. For assistance with the bidding website, please contact QuestCDN at 952-233-1632 or The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: Civil West Engineering Services, Inc.; 213 Water Avenue NW, Suite 100; Albany, OR 97321 Prospective Bidders may also obtain or examine a paper set of the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office. Due to public health and safety concerns, examination or pick-up of paper set of Bidding Documents will be by appointment only. Printed paper sets of Bidding Documents can be purchased for a nonrefundable price of $350.00 per set. Please make checks payable to Civil West Engineering Services. Please call the office at (541-266-8601) to schedule an appointment to view or pick-up the documents at least 24-hours in advance of your desired appointment. Appointments will be available on Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Partial sets of Bidding Documents will not be available from the Issuing Office. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for full or partial sets of Bidding Documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the Issuing Office. Mandatory Pre-bid Conference Two pre-bid conferences will be held for this project. Attendance at one of the two pre-bid conferences is mandatory due to the complexity of the Project. Due to ongoing public health concerns, the pre-bid conferences will be hosted virtually and recorded. Prospective bidders should contact the Engineer via email at least 24 hours in advance of the pre-bid conference they intend to attend to request a link to the meeting platform. Pre-bid conferences will be held on: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 10:00 AM, and Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 10:00 AM. At the end of each pre-bid conference, the Engineer will read the names of attendees aloud to verify the attendance roster. The attendance rosters from both pre-bid conferences will be combined to generate an eligible bidder list. No bids will be accepted from companies that do not have at least one representative listed on the eligible bidder list. Following the pre-bid conference, eligible bidders will be able to schedule times to individually visit the Project Site. Bid Security A certified or bank cashier's check in the amount of at least five percent (5%) of the bid amount, payable to the City of Vader, or bid bond executed by a licensed bonding company is required with each bid. Rejection of Bids The City shall have the right to reject any or all bids not accompanied by the bid security or data required by the bidding document or a bid in any way incomplete or irregular. Bids received after the stated deadline will also be rejected. Project Requirements This Contract is for public work and is subject to applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations. This project is partially funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology. This project is also funded through the Washington State Community Development Block Grant program with federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Neither the State of Washington nor any of its departments or employees are, or shall be, a party to any contract or any subcontract resulting from this solicitation for bids. American Iron and Steel Act provisions apply. All work performed on this project will be subject to the higher of the prevailing state or federal wage rates. When federal wage rates apply, the Successful bidder will be required to conform to the wage requirements prescribed by the federal Davis-Bacon and Related Acts which requires that all laborers and mechanics employed by contractors and subcontractors performing on contracts funded in whole or in part by SRF appropriations in excess of $2000 pay their laborers and mechanics not less than the prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits, and determined by the Secretary of Labor, for corresponding classes of laborers and mechanics employed on similar projects in the area. The City of Vader is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Small, minority- and women-owned businesses are encouraged to submit bids. For all further requirements regarding bid submittal, qualifications, procedures, and contract award, refer to the Instructions to Bidders that are included in the Bidding Documents. The City of Vader reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive minor irregularities or informalities and to award the Project to the lowest responsive, qualified Bidder as it best serves the interests of the City of Vader. If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager Matt Wadlington, PE at This Advertisement is issued by: Owner: City of Vader By: Dianne Floyd Title: City Clerk/Treasurer Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Publication Locations and Dates: The Daily Chronicle (January 14 & 21, 2021) Pub: The Chronicle January 14 & 21, 2021


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