On Thursday, The Chronicle published its "20 Under 40" special section to recognize some of our area's top young professionals.

The section was produced through a partnership with Young Professionals of Lewis County.

We'll highlight each of our honorees with personal profiles beginning today.

Pick up a copy of Thursday's edition of The Chronicle for the full special section.

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Age: 29

Town of Residence: Chehalis

Employer: Centralia Police Department

Title: K9 Officer

Community involvement:

I have been active with the Lewis County Special Olympics Torch Run since 2014. I started out as just a runner for the event, but the last two years I have been on the board for planning and raising money for the event. I participated in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge this year. I have conducted a few K9 Demonstrations since becoming a handler and I also helped Officer Ramirez with Demonstrations prior to becoming a handler.


A wife and two kids.

What do you appreciate most about our community?

I appreciate that our community supports law enforcement. I also appreciate all of the help and support the community showed while raising funds to pay for PSD Samson.

Who is your mentor and what is one lesson you have learned from that person?

I have many mentors. One mentor that has had a lot of impact on me professionally and personally is Officer Ramirez. Officer Ramirez has inspired me by how much he does for the community on a volunteer basis. Officer Ramirez primarily handles the planning and execution of the Lewis County Torch Run, Polar Plunge, Night out with Santa, and our department Christmas party. Officer Ramirez is also very close to my family. When my son had multiple heart surgeries shortly after birth, Officer Ramirez visited us numerous times down in Portland. Officer Ramirez sat with my family and I, all day, during one of the surgeries.

Tell us one hobby or fact that people would find interesting about you.

I relax by working out and shooting guns.

Describe a defining moment in your career.

The most defining moment in my career so far was PSD Samson’s first apprehension. After the track, I came to appreciate all the hard work and time that PSD Samson and I have put in to become successful. I came to realize that becoming a K9 Handler was the right choice for me and my career.

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